Mission and Vision

Aims and Targets

The aim of this course is to give reputable, highly self-confident entrepreneurs and the possibility to acquire a talented occupation and to be able to get to life early and to continue with the license.

Our Msission

The mission of our school is to educate the qualified humanpower in the light of the current scientific data, having the characteristics of investigative, questioning, analytical and leadership qualities, based on the national and spiritual values, emitting positive energy, acting in accordance with professional ethics and in the professional and technical fields.

Also it is to provide staff that has a major vital for Turkey's economy, well-educated and qualified needs of our economy and our young people by ensuring that reared its disposal to life earlier and adhering to Ataturk's principles and reforms and needed professions spacers and technical element by Turkish economy.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading vocational school which using the resources and facilities at the highest level and contributes to national economy with raised modal people and prodeced project by our school.

Last Update Date: 12 October 2018, Friday