Human Resources Management Program (İnsan Kaynakları Yönetimi Programı)


The Human Resources Management program was opened in 2017-2018 Academic year to receive students at Altıntaş Vocational School.

The 21st century business world is founded on knowledge, change, speed, competition and harmony. The expectation from the workers employed by this business world is internalizing these features.

The aim of the Human Resources Management Program is to train employees and intermediate level managers who have these characteristics that are the anticipation of the business world, who adapt to their environment, who have the analytical ability.


* will be able to respond quickly to market demands,

* see all the activities of the enterprises as a whole,

* to gain the sectors that will be able to transform the situation into an advantage in terms of business by taking the problems as an opportunity in the business where they work.

Scope of the Program

In the Human Resources Management Program, students are given the opportunity to look at the business world with a specialist eye, with the lessons given by the staff with academic qualifications and competence in practice.

In addition, the 30-day internship program is a guide and educator in terms of recognizing students' working environments and choosing the appropriate ones.

Our employees are employed in human resources, career management, personnel management departments. The Human Resources Management Program students are entitled to obtain associate degree diploma and have the title "Professionnel of Human Resources".

Our students who will graduate with the title of Human Resources Professional Personnel will find employment opportunities in human resources management, quality management and project management departments of public institutions, private business and non-governmental organizations.

Our associates will also be able to establish their own consulting and training companies that can work as consultants or researchers in the fields of human resources and employment policies.


Last Update Date: 13 September 2018, Thursday